The Mission

At Virtue, our mission is to provide coffee that is both ethically sourced and unwavering in quality. This means that our farmers are fairly paid for their work and our coffee is a product that we can be proud to fuel the mission with. Beyond our commitment to exceptional coffee, we proudly support Christian missions through our sales and platform. We do this by featuring missionaries every month, telling their stories, and using the sales of specified coffees to go back to those who give of themselves on the mission field. At Virtue, we want you to know that the purchases you make have purpose.

When you buy Virtue coffee you’re not just getting a delicious coffee, you’re partnering with us as we seek to partner with missionaries around the world.

Join us and help fuel the mission.

Missionary of the Month

This month's missionary is Larry Bunyan. The Bunyan’s have been faithful missionaries to the Blackfeet Natives for nearly 40 years. For the next month, a portion of all purchases of our Colombian coffee will go to the Bunyans. If you’re interested in supporting them directly, please reach out to us. Here is a short summary of their story:

“The Bunyans have been serving in ministry with Independent Faith Mission for 44 years. After serving short term in northern Manitoba, the Lord re-directed them to Heart Butte, Montana, located in the SW corner of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.
We have been ministering here for 39 years, and have planted Whitetail Baptist Church here in Heart Butte. Our church ministry has now extended beyond the small community of Heart Butte, and the Lord has brought to our fellowship folks from the ranch/farm regions throughout our entire county, as well as those from other Reservation communities.
We also minister in the small mountain community of Essex, as well as a monthly ministry at a state prison in our region.”